Can someone tell me

is it just my computer or is my Tumblr not playing music anymore? :\

- raloooooma:

Coool that you live in Sydney :O Have a wonderful day<3 :)

Thank you and to you too! Why is Sydney cool to you?

- captainratface:

Not really a question... more of a statement: I reblog almost every post I see by you. I adore your blog and find it absolutely magical. Keep on keepin' on, darling <3

Wow, thank you very much! That’s very flattering. I love your blog too. I am now following! <3

- intoxiquer:

Where would you say some of your great inspiration comes from?

Wow, um from many different places. Family, friends, music, good art and photography. I really love Alison Scarpulla and Ellen Rogers.